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General Information

Estonian PackCycling (EPC)/Eesti Pakendiringlus was established in May, 2004. EPC is a recovery organization and does not share profit among its owners. All profit is reinvested to the collection and recovery for decreasing total costs.

EPC's mission is to help to improve the state of evironment of Estonia and awareness of environmental issues and sustainable development in Estonia.

EPC┬┤s aim is to help packaging operators to fulfill Packaging Act in economically reasonable, socially acceptable and environmentally effective way by taking over their obligations.

EPC represents the interests of its clients in cooperation with public institutions.

The scope of responsibility is to collect and recover its clients' packaging waste and to guarantee reporting for Packaging Register.


Estonian PackCycling was founded in 2004 by packers. The highest decision making body is General Meeting which nominates the Board. Board is responsible for fulfillment of EPC's targets.

EPC is a collaborative industry body through which businesses work together to achieve the recovery and recycling of packaging waste. Membership is open to all types of obligated companies including manufacturers, converters, packer/fillers, sellers and also all sectors of industry. It aims to take the pressure away from businesses that would find it difficult and time consuming to comply with any legislation on an individual basis.

Facts & Figures


Population 1,316 000
No. of Local Authorities 213
Packaging ~224 000 tonnes (2013)
Members & Clients 1800
Market share ~60%
Types of packaging All packaging



Estonian PackCycling (EPC) finances its activities by recovery fee.

In compliance with the user-pays principle, the recovery fees are calculated on the basis of the material used, the weight of items sold. They also take account of the different costs incurred for collecting and sorting the packaging materials and, in the case of plastics, for recycling. The companies pay only for those items of packaging they put on to the Estonian market.

Legal basis

The Packaging Act introduced in June 2004 sets recovery targets for all packaging placed on the market and deposit system for one way packaging of beer, alcohol drink with low ethanol content and soft drinks in glass, plastic and metal packaging as of January 1, 2005.

The existing norms of the Packaging Act require collection and recovery of 60% of total packaging put in the market by packaging operator (packer and importer) .

The introduction of the Packaging Act has also triggered introduction of Compliance Scheme in Estonia. The packaging recovery organization, called "Eesti Pakendiringlus/Estonian PackCycling (EPC)" has been established by producers, importers and retailers operating in Estonia.

According to the Packaging Act the number of recovery organizations is not limited, but they have to fulfill requirements and get a license for operation from Estonian Ministry of Environment. The law says that all manufacturers, packers and importers are entitled to transfer the fulfillment of packaging recycle norms to a recovery organization established by themselves. If producers or importers have not joined such organization, they have to organize recovery of their packaging themselves.


Estonian PackCycling (EPC)
Vana-Narva mnt 26, 74114, Maardu, ESTONIA

Phone: 00372/633 9240
Fax: 00372/633 9241

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